25 AND A HALF reasons to visit the United Islands of Prague

Come and see from Friday 20th June from 2:30 p.m. to Saturday 21st June from 11 a.m. You can buy the tickets to the Kinsky garden for 250 CZK for two days. Other venues on the islands and other locations are free.

First) Elly Eyre’s Concert

On Friday 20 th June Ella Eyre performs on the main stage at the Kinsky garden. We saw her current videos and photos from international festivals and one thing is certain – she performs a great show, Ella’s on the tour with a band that plays well together and her voice live is more urgent than recorded.

Second) Summer Island Brunch

On Saturday 21 st June the great summer island brunch will be held in the Kinsky garden, Kampa and Újezd at 11 a.m. Most stands will be ready to offer you exactly what you expect of a proper brunch. Whether you are an egg, pancake, tea, coffee or donut type, in the gastro-zones you’ll choose what you will not find anywhere else on one menu. This, of course, will be accompanied by music and side events.

3rd) Partnership Activities

This year’s beer is Gambrinus Excelent, which invites you to a bar with excellent prospects in the Kinsky garden. Come and have a look! Czech Savings Bank will have an unusual festival office in its “Blue Zone” with surprise. Canon, Intel and Dell Tech will have its own zone with access to the internet and other tech-widgets. Near the Kinsky garden look for the mobile search “íčko” Prague Information Service marked as the PragueCityTourism, in case you feel lost or need any (not just touristic or festival) tips, advice and information.

4th) Limited Edition cups United Islands of Prague 2014

This year the United Islands will for the first time put at your disposal a limited number of cups with the design of this year’s festival in the Kinsky garden. Cups are made of hard plastic and sold against a deposit of 50 CZK. Who will want to come back, it comes back, who will keep it as a souvenir, we’ll not impede them.


5th) Gastronomic experiences

There will be a plenty of stalls with good food. This year we had really care that festival was the culinary experience. Just for example – the Kinsky garden will offer fresh juices from Ugo and twisted ice cream will be offered at a mobile stand on Újezd. Vegans taste buds will surely be tickled by “GreenBeans” with their offer of vegan burgers and for meat eaters lets mention the El Arriero – stand with the South American cuisine and renowned steaks. In cafes and teahouses you will refresh by a great coffee or bubble tea.

6th) Winery Spielberg

For the first time on UIOP we have a really good wine! Prized local wineries Spielberg will take care of it, the ordinary consumer of wine as well as the demanding winemaker will be satisfied.

7th) Water taxi from Střelák on Žofín for T-Mobile

You can walk around all the stages, but why not to go by the water taxi, which will be for free! It will be operated by T-Mobile and will carry you down the Vltava river while you will shorten the path from the Střelecký to the Žofín island.

8th) Club Night

The traditional club night precedes the United Islands festival on Thursday 19th June. 12 clubs in Prague come alive with live music; entrance to all clubs will be free. We will host many major names of the Czech music scene. The good news is the inclusion of an industrial environment “Žižkov freight station”, where Kieslowski or Republic of Two will perform. If you like something unique, we recommend to stop in the Akropolis, where the Nylon Jail’s singer will be tattooed directly during the concert. Complete program Club Night is here.

9th) Irresistible accompanying program of activities, entertainment and services for individuals and families.

Families are traditional visitors to the United Islands. Children up to 140 cm with parents have the free entry to the UIOP, for others will be available the reduced family ticket. Comforts for mothers with the smallest babies also provide the changing tables and experienced babysitters from the Baby Office Company in the Kinsky Garden. We also offer many workshops, competitions and fun games for children.

10th) Tournament table soccer Rosengart

On Friday you can in Kampa train at table football Rosengart and on Saturday already at 12 a.m. you can enter the regular tournament! Sign in till Saturday 12 a.m. there or on tomas.pokorny @ rosengart.as. MS in Brazil has a great atmosphere, let’s come and enjoy a hundredth of the MS to the United Kampa Islands World Cup 2014. :)

11th) Historical figures and interactive games

Each location in the United Islands will have an accompanying program associated with the person who has their statue on the spot. Žofín – Bozena Nemcova – assembling extracts from major works of this Czech author (Saturday only); Shooter’s Island – Jaroslav Foglar – performing different tasks; Kampa – Miroslav Tyrš – high jump, a discipline known from the gym; Petrin – Karel Hynek Macha – group recitation of the poem “May”, folding origami; Kinsky garden – Taras Shevchenko – Geographic quiz. The games are available for both days of the festival times: Fri 16-21, Sat 11-21

12th) Cape Verde’s ball

Part of the Portuguese Lusófona block – African style with the band Kalaka, which consists of Cape Verdean musicians. There will also be a course in Cape Verde dances and African dishes and drinks! La Loca Club – Friday – 20 p.m.

13th) Presentation of non-profit organizations

They do meritorious activity, do it gladly and without them it would not work. Come on Kampa to acquaint with the activities of several non-profit organizations. You can compete at the stand of “People in Need”, INEX-development for African soccer balls show production and and the City Souls will introduce the exhibition of Kenyan football the collection of Czech designers who helps. Visit also Transparency International, Brontosaurus in the Himalayas Forums donors or any other.

14th) Ille and Kittchen married couple

On Saturday, from 4 p.m. the singer Ille will perform her set in the Kinsky garden (real name Olga Königová), on the same day at 10:30 p.m a little lower, at Jazz Dock, will perform her husband James König with his project Kittchen. Both were nominated for the Apollo awards for their records last year.

15th) Bajofondo

Latin American temperament and rhythms in combination with electronics and visual effects, it will be the last open-air performance of the this year’s UIOP. We expect a great atmosphere and the culmination of the program. Saturday 21st June from 9 p.m. Admission to www.unitedislands.cz / tickets.

16th) Official afterparty with DJ Shadow

21.6. don’t forget to visit the MeetFactory in Smíchov after the main program. From midnight DJ Shadow will play a full set here. Rufton Ritchie, Garden City Movement, Aid Kid, Friky and Dignity Dope will support him. Tickets for 630 CZK HERE and pre-sales on Ticketstream. This will be a party!

17th) Open Mike

Discipline in which only you and a microphone are on the stage. It will take place all Saturday at the intersection Újezd. Along with complete novices who will perform in front of an audience for the first time, already experienced performers signed up again. Even the brave audience will get a chance to participate. Program is HERE.

18th) Walks around the islands and the city centre without cars

You really do not know that kind of Prague! Legion Bridge and the streets around the intersection Újezd ​​will be closed for cars. Exceptions are trams that will have special stop “Festival” in the middle of the Legion Bridge at the entrance to Shooter’s Island “. Nothing will thus be prevented from making a nice walk. Start the Střelák where is the Jazz stage of the Czech Radio and World stage, proceed to the amphitheatre located at the bottom of Petrin, where will primarily perform domestic artists, then proceed to the jewel of this year – a mystical and magical Kinsky garden. Subsequently go down to Kampa, where will be in addition to the stage the accompanying program and then just the other side of the Žofín where is the resting stage dedicated to the stand-up comedy and slam-poetry.

19th) Piano in the street

Successful project Piana on the street will have representation on the intersection Újezd. Come and play on the street and make yourself the pleasant mood.

20th) Over 150 concerts

It will take place at more than twenty locations in Prague. Artists from 23 international destinations will be introduced. Simply select the genre, almost all are represented PROGRAM.

21st) Hazmat Modine

Unusual combinations of wind instruments including tubas and duduk sounds with the accordion and electric guitar runs to the blues, jazz, as well as klezmer – these are clearly Hazmat Modine.

22nd) Childhood

Are still current the legendary albums The Stone Roses, Primal Scream or House of Love for you? Sounds the shoe gaze scene return kindly to you? Do you expect really fresh wind on the guitar scene? Then do not miss the London indie heroes Childhood.

23rd) Ohm Square

The legendary band, which brought music working with elements of drum’n’bass, breakbeat and groves to the Czech meads and without which it can no longer imagine the history of Czech alternative and pop. He currently works as a duo formed by musician and a producer John Čechtickým and a singer Charlie One.

24th) The garden’s debut with the Republic of Two

The grand opening of the Kinsky garden will be under the baton of the Republic of Two, who play according to their new album Silent Disco. Melancholic pop of the copyright duo Jiri Burian and Mikoláš Růžička will sound the Kinsky garden as the first.

25th) Jerusalem Vibes

In the Days of Jerusalem in Prague will play on Saturday at the United Islands many Israeli bands – led by the Angelcy, Ellada Gellartem and the Garden city movement. Definitely an interesting musical probe for everything.

25.5.) How to enjoy the United Islands of Prague?

It’s brilliantly simple – come, walk, listen to good music and most importantly have fun …these days we will take over the stress and nerves for you :)