After 10pm, United Islands will continue in clubs

The festival is preceded by the CLUB NIGHT on Thursday which will be held in Prague clubs: Zizkov Freight Station, Roxy, Rock café, N.O.D., Lávka, Café v lese, Jazz Dock, La Loca, Chapeau Rouge, Palac Akropolis, Malostranska beseda, and Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub. Admission to all the clubs is free. On Friday and Saturday, after the end of the outdoor venues programs which are also free (with the exception of the main program in the Kinsky garden for which you can purchase tickets /tickets) we will continue from 10pm in seven Prague clubs. This year Roxy, Gangway, Rock café, Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub, Meet Factory, Jazz Dock, and La Loca are involved. Let’s now look at the most interesting picks from club programs that follow the main program from the perspective of the United Islands of Prague organizers. The complete program can be found HERE. On Saturday, the official United Islands afterparty will be held in Meet Factory, featuring legendary DJ Shadow (tickets HERE) performing his full set. This will be the last performance of a big foreign star of this year. He will be supported by Garden City Movement from Israel, British Ritchie Rufton and popular DJ Friky. Come and see the rampage of hot-blooded Serbs Repetitor in Rock Café on Friday. Their punk repertoire follows up Serbian rock of

the sixties and eighties and their show is very rough. On Saturday, there will be an only tribute band in the history of United Islands of Prague and not just an ordinary one – Velvet Underground Revival Praha. It consists of members of the Plastic People, DG307 and Garage. Their performance will be dedicated to the memory of Lou Reed. A discovery of Danish electro scene Bottled in England will perform In Roxy on Friday. Their music is based on drum´n´bass with characteristic strong choruses. On Saturday you may see the minimalist-electro Kamp! from Poland. Friday’s program in Jazz Dock offers an enjoyable indie band, German lyrics fit in real well, Trains of Thoughts, a side project of Sofa Surfers. On Saturday, there will be a show of Kittchen, electro-folk project of “a chef from Doks”, at this beautiful venue situated on the Vltava. We expect great atmosphere in a full club. Parties directed by DJs such as Kewu with his minimalist techno and French electro or house and techno music DJ Audiot, member of Spiritual Sound System crew, will take place at Lávka. Zephyr club in Michalska Street will primarily belong to dance – Electro-Swing Night party on Friday and breakbeat Saturday with DJ Electrom and DJ Pork Power. In La Loca we recommend visiting Kalaka Crioul Band. The band consists of Cape

Verdean musicians coming to the Czech audience from Lisbon. It will be a part of Lufosóna, the Festival of Portuguese-speaking countries culture. But as we have said, you may expect much more.