“Ask not whvizuál hithit finalat your festival can do for you, ask what you can do for your festival.”

Support a return to the Islands!Support us at HitHit.cz


The eleventh year of the United Islands festival is its paradigm-shifting edition, a milestone in its history.We are aiming at giving United Islands a new impulse that offers the festival an opportunity to develop in the future. We want to move the main stage from Střelecký Island to Kinský Garden, which we consider to be a great area that befits the purpose.We believe that you, visitors of the event, will help as well.

Ten years of success editions, thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of visitors.Over time, United Islands has won a reputation of Czech Republic’s largest music festival, an event that offers its visitors a philosophy of openness and the desire to discover new names and trends from all over the world. It is our desire to develop the festival further, which is why we have decided to take a leap of faith this year. We count on you.

One of the unique features of the festival is that it has always been admission-free for visitors, with the Ella_Eyre_HighRes1_2_SSSentire budged backed by sponsors. We have proven that there is place for a major festival in the center of the city, yet we want to develop further and this is where we need you. We have decided to address the fans of the festival by starting a crowdfunding project at the HitHit portal.We continue in our mission to keep United Islands an open event that spans across generations and genres, to liven up the public downtown, and we need your support for this.We believe that you, too, want a major musical event in Prague’s downtown and that you are willing to support its expansion.The support from our partners continues in being pivotal in the future as well, yet, too, we hope that you, thousands of Islanders, will provide support so it achieves a certain degree of independence.

The total amount we need to raise is CZK 1.6 million, the highest support anyone has ever asked for by crowdfunding in the Czech Republic.We believe that your support will help us achieve the goal.  Please support your festival with even the most symbolic of donations. What exactly are we going for with the fundraiser?We want to hold the festival program in Kinský Garden, which we believe to be one of the best locations for a music event of this kind in the city of Prague.The achievement of the target amount of support will help the festival take a giant leap in its history.

The festival crowdfunding event runs from 14 April to 25 May, 2014.Please visit hithit.com/unitedislands for details.

The lowest contribution has been set at CZK 100.In exchange, the Islands supporter obtains a ticket for the two-day programming in Kinský Garden with the headliners: Ella Eyre and Bajofondo. Some of the higher donations will bring the contributors really interesting benefits.


The program in the other locations remains unchanged; we are hoping to achieve the target amount at HitHit and not to surrender our plans in programming in Kinský Garden.At any rate, United Islands is certainly coming from 19 to 21 June this year, and we also believe to see a positive response from our fans to the step we have decided to take this year.

Your support will offer the realization of a two-day program in a new, attractive location of Kinský Garden in Smíchov, with the performances of the festival headliners, Ella Eyre (UK) and Bajofondo (ARG). Apart from the above, 20 and 21 June will be offering concerts of these artists: Childhood (UK), Heymoonshaker (UK), Ritchie Ruftone (UK), Hugo Kant (F), Ohm Square, Sklenik, ILLE, Adrian T. Bell, Dena (BUL), Voila!, When We Are Young (NL), The Dumplings (PL), Manon Meurt, Never Sol, Astrid North (DE). 

We believe to meet many Islanders prior to the festival in one of the concerts from our offer.On Friday, 16 May, come to Palác Akropolis for a festival warm-up round with WhoMadeWho, discopunkers from Denmark.