INTERESTING ACTIVITIES non-profit organizations at UIOP

They are engaged in meritorious activity, they enjoy it and it would not work without them. United Islands of Prague are gratefully happy to provide them with space. Twenty of them will be presented on different stages this year. More over within a diverse and truly global scope – from African footballs manufacturer to an exhibition of photographs from Tibet. Come and see us from Friday, June 20th from 2.30pm to Saturday, June 21st from 11am. You can buy Tickets to the Kinsky garden for 250 CZK for both days here. Other venues at the Islands and other locations are free.


Let’s briefly introduce the non-profit organizations one by one.


AFS Intercultural Programs, o.p.s. (Kampa)


Interactive multicultural games, presentations and performances of students from different cultures.


Brontosauri in the Himalayas (Kinsky Garden)


Exhibition of photos from Tibet will include a collection of NickNack cups.



Alma Center (Kampa)


Presentation of social work. Non-profit organization of the year by the Foundation for Civil Society Development.



City Souls (Střelecký ostrov)


Apart from pleasing the one who wears it, clothes can provide intentional and targeted help. City Souls created a collection of clothing, which involved eight designers working pro bono. Its proceeds will go directly to two dog pounds.




Člověk v tísni (People in Need) (Kampa)


At the stand of People in Need festival visitors have the opportunity to compete for prizes or perhaps to try what it’s like to go get water in Ethiopia.




Sue Ryder Home, o.p.s. (Kampa)


Charitable Sue Ryder shops were established to support the operation of the Home itself. They operate on the basis of gifts which are then sold. We were generously donated everything you can buy here, whether it is clothing, fashion accessories, books, gifts and all kinds of interesting things. Profit from our business activities helps run Sue Ryder Home caring for senior citizens.


 EDUin o.p.s. (Střelecký ostrov)


EDUin prepared a program “Ready for the future” for festival visitors. Seventy percent of occupations your children will pursue in the future have not yet been invented! The team of EDUin, visitors from the future, will help you find out how to get ready for what is to come one day. Funny exploration of your skills, inventing futuristic profession, photography … Star team of EDUinu knows how to prepare your children for the future!




Envira o.p.s. – Toulcův dvůr (Petřín)


Toulcův dvůr is going to present ecological way of in the city (e.g. composting) targeting children and with them you may try work with a potter’s wheel in Petřín.




Donors Forum (Kinsky Garden)


Smile-box photo booth is going to make a photo for you right on the spot using the Polaroid method. Furthermore you will see Czech cheers charity presentation.




Helppes (Kampa)


Presentation of an organization that aims to integrate physically challenged people into society with the help of specially trained dogs. Helppes is the only one in the Czech Republic and the first organization in the countries of the former Eastern bloc that was able to meet the conditions of the highest international standards in the provision of services of this kind and has obtained accreditation for full membership in international organizations.




INEX, Football for Development (Kampa)


Production of African balls, exhibitions of Kenyan footballers.




Magna o.p.s. (Střelecký ostrov)


Presentation of medical and humanitarian aid, first aid demonstrations and improvised hospital for children, solving puzzles and drawing.




Narovinu Center – Musaion (Kinsky Garden)


“Distant adoption of African children” a project of community centre Ostrov Naděje (Isle of Hope) will also include a African workshop for children.


New Acropolis (Střelecký ostrov)


International Organization New Acropolis will present their activities for young people. They prepared a workshop for visitors where they will have an opportunity to create and paint an archaeological replica.




The Foundation for Civil Society Development (Kampa)


Presentation stand of one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the country.




Nyctalus (Střelecký ostrov)


Bats on Střelecký ostrov, charity collection to support them, talking about saving them and their life.




Pink Crocodile (Kampa)


Presentation stand and consultancy services. Pink Crocodile is an international non-profit organization that provides assistance for disabled children and children living in poverty all around the world.




PN Bohnice (Újezd)


Therapeutic workshops PN Bohnice focused on socialization and re-socialization of the hospitalized patients in the PN Bohnice. The Centre of therapeutic activities is included in the comprehensive psychiatric care. Our main task is the rehabilitation of not only psychological but also sensory-motor, cognitive, and psychosocial functions of our patients.




Portuguese center Instituto Camoes Praga (Střelecký ostrov)


The stand will include a sample of Portuguese products (+ selling them at a symbolic price), and will provide information for those interested in the Portuguese-speaking countries. On Saturday between 12-3pm we will prepare sardines on grill (Portuguese national dish). You may also expect an accompanying program for children.




Transparency International (Kampa)


Presentation of the organization and consultancy services.