Interview with 3421

As the Prague show of Israeli live electronics project is approaching really fast you can get to know them better with short interview which they provided us.  The show will take place on 19th of September in Chapeau Rouge.

3421 is an electronic live duo from Haifa, Israel. They’re creating a rousing fusion of vast electronic genres: heavy bass, glitch and break sounds get combined with influences from dubstep to jungle, from hip hop to drum&bass and elements of rave and dub music. The band uses an acoustic drum set, 3 synthesizers and vocals to instantly create the sound and flow of a DJ set. Their tunes are played tightly and mixed throughout the show, preserving the energy of a live performance. No computers or loops are used, just the fusion of skills and instruments.

In 2012, they teamed up with the upbeat Miss Red, who’s a singer, writer and MC. Besides her collaboration with 3421, she has joined forces with The Bug /Ninja TuneLONDON & Easy Rider Sound /GhostownHAIFA. By now, she’s conquered stages such as Dour Festival, Park Life, Sonic Acts and Elevate, to name a few. 3421 and Miss Red released their joint EP “Fat Plate” in fall 2013.

You come from Haifa City. What is the local music scene? Can you describe it to Czech music fans how it looks like to be musician in Haifa? 

hezus: Its more sad than you would imagine – there are two and a half bands playing in town
shuz: scene is pretty small. But there are some people who are in to music, even a small group of heads you would usually meet in the bigger cities, who are into synthesizers and vinyl digging.

In the Czech Republic you played last year for the first time at the festival United Islands, but we will get there. What were your first steps? How did you get together? And when you start to perform with Miss Red?

hezus: band basically evolved from jamming, a friend left a drumset in shuz’s apartment which were on the building we both were living in (a legendary building in the city, Massada street #34). so we just started combining synth lines with big beat/dubstep/jungle beats.
shuz: Miss Red is part of Haifa’s  “Easy Rider Soundsystem” along with other talented members, who are also featured in some of our shows. Red pushed forward with new lyrics and ideas all the time, so it happens that we play together pretty often.

Is it difficult to succeed with your work? How difficult it is to succeed in Israel and in comparison with that then outside Israel, mainly in Europe?

shuz: it’s hard to succeed with music in general. but its easier to make it when there are only two people in the band.. Europe is just a bigger playground, back in israel we’re surrounded with countries we can’t go to unfortunatley.
hezus: in terms of underground music, israeli audience is craving for the next thing all the time, basically by playing in 5 big clubs around israel you’re covering 90% of its underground field. it makes us develop new standards, and aim for more tours abroad.

You play electronic music, in which one can hear several different genres. Did you started as producers or do you have DJ past behind you, like so many music producers?

shuz: I actually produced some tunes before 3421, and still do today. And also both of us where playing in different kinds of bands. we were a part of a growing movement in Haifa – which included visual artists (such as BFC, NRC, YBC), EasyRider (reggae) soundsystem,  Djs etc.. making music, producing parties, painting, graffiti and so on.. the mix of genres probably has a lot to do with us getting up in a small suburb – underground scenes usually don’t really exist so you just pick up whatever you like and pour into your own mood, hoping to create something new in the process..
hezus: speaking of electronic influence – before we started with 3421 we were organising a lot of parties in Haifa, but never really djayed back then, so the idea of keeping the crowd dancing through the night came along with the foundation of the band.

Let’s stay with the music. Do you have any musical icons that you acknowledge and that you are inspired by?

shuz: don’t get me started
hezus: A-Z all we can eat

3421When I wrote a short text about your gig in Prague, it was very difficult look for words to properly express your music, describing both style and atmosphere that I experienced during your performances. Can you help me and describe your music in your own words?

shuz: It’s everything influenced us, from jungle to hip hop to funk and punk and old school psychedelic shit. We try to mix it all up into one seamlessly-played live set that makes girls dance.

Your performance is full of energy. How do you remember your performance at the United Islands festival in Prague last summer?

shuz/hezus: woohoo! that day was sublime. great sound, nice people. the crowd went wild!

At the end of our interview you can say hello to Czech fans and invite them to you Prague gig! 

We would like to see all of you Czech people  at our upcoming show and remind you- its dangerous to party sober!


3421 (dubstep, glitch, live electronica – Haifa / Izrael)

19th September at Chapeau Rouge http://www.chapeaurouge.cz/

start 9pm

Tickets 150CZK at the venue