Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the Blues Rock Guitar Legend, Returns to Prague

The Lucerna Music Bar is hosting the American blues singer and guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd on 18 May as part of the club concert series of United Islands by Česká spořitelna.The exquisite performer, the modern embodiment of blues, is coming back to Prague after two and half years to present his new album.

Shepherd’s road to succes reached its destination with his debut album, Ledbetter Heights (1995), and the gifted singer-songwriter and exceptional guitarist has been a star for blues rock fans ever since.He took the hearts of Czech fans at two preiere concerts in 2011 where Shepherd showed to be both a phenomenal performer and a literally a superior, witty musical entertainer.  His balanced guitar performance never seems out of place: each solo has its reason, none of the dance moves seem superficial, and he is more than vital in his concert performances.It is certain that Shepherd is having as much fun at his concerts as his dedicated audiences.After his concerts in the Czech Republic, he mentioned in social media he would be back to enjoy the atmosphere.The wait has not been too long: he is fulfilling his promise in the Lucerna Music Bar on 18 May, an opportunity he is going to use to present the expected studio record of his KWSBand.

As a taste of his vibrant stage skill, refer to his famous performance at the King of the Blues contest of blues guitarists in 2007.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd is an auto-didact musician: he started learning the guitar when he was a little boy. He was recognized as a prodigy for his instrumental skill when he was twelve.  Shepherd’s direct (and straightforward) work builds on American blues roots to which the Louisiana native skilfully adds energetic rock standard pratices. “He is one of the world’s wonders,” James Brown himself paid a tribute to Shepherd some years ago. 

His discography includes six studio records of balanced quality, which is a rare feat by itself. His CD/DVD project 10 Days Out: Blues From The Backroads has won many positive reviews. A music record and a video documentary that portrays Shepherd’s visits to the giants of the genre — BB King, Henry Townsend, Neal Pattman, etc. — has won fantastic reviews and jointly became the best selling blues record in 2007.  Shepherd has met his models, e.g. Bryan Lee, also in the Live! In Chicago album, which is a recording of his performance in Chicago’s The House Of Blues club.Both of those records are exceptional not only for blues fans and they gave him well-deserved Grammy nominations.His undying popularity is reflected in the permanent, high results of his recordings in the album charts in the USA.

The blues wonder of Louisiana also received praise from Fender, the famous producer of musical instruments in 2008, when the company launched a limited series of the Stratocaster model designed and signed by Shepherd himself.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has recently finished work on the new studio album with his KWS Band.Another reason why this show should not be missed is the fact that he is coming to Prague with the new music material.