United Islands of Prague: Biggest Ever This Year

This year’s edition the United Islands of Prague multi-genre festival will be held from 18 to 20 June. The organizers have again managed to provide the Kinský Garden area at Prague’s Smíchov district, where the main stage will be built. This is where the headliners of the festival’s music program will be performing. Dětský Island is reserved for urban music, Kampa will enjoy the world music and alternative genres while Střelecký Island is up for the Jazz stage. This year’s edition of United Islands of Prague is the biggest ever!

The United Islands of Prague music festival is opening its 12th edition with a promise of the largest area in its history. The overall area of the festival amounts to over 100,000 square meters. Its five stages will be presenting over 150 bands and music projects. The weekend’s program opens with the traditional Club Night in which some 15 music clubs in downtown Prague offer most appealing choices to music fans.

Last year, the organizers met tremendous interest in the crowdfunding event which permitted the placing of the main stage in Kinský Garden, a place that offers excellent environment to hold music events. Similar locations are hard to find in the capital. “We are happy that we managed to provide the Kinský Garden area this year as well and that, after several years, the festival is coming to Dětský Island again. Of course we are happy for the possibility to hold the festival in other great locations as well. Prague is changing into a festival for three days this year,” says David Gaydečka, one of the organizers, about this year’s edition. “I also wish to thank everyone in the offices of Prague and its districts who are assisting in the preparation of the festival,” Gaydečka adds.

This year’s novelty is the music stage at Dětský Island which with access from Janáčkovo Riverbank. The island will be dedicated to urban music, forming a retreat for hip-hop and electronica fans. As usual, the United Islands of Prague will be present at the restored Střelecký Island to offer the Český rozhlas Jazz Stage. The Kampa will offer two music stages simultaneously: while the first is dedicated to the genre of world music, the other will host alternative performers and fresh discoveries made by the festival’s dramaturgists.

“The program of this year’s United Islands of Prague contains several strong programming lines. One of them is traditional and has been with the festival forever, representing musical discoveries across the genres and across Europe. This year get ready for a couple of great bands from Poland, Turkey, Austria and the Netherlands that we discovered at Europe’s premium festivals. Another strong presence is the Czech and Slovak scene that has had a lot to offer, not referring to the same-old same-old that has been presented on other festivals’ posters for a couple of years now,” says Barbora Šubrtová, the festival dramaturgist.


Apart from a plethora of music genres, the organizers have also prepared a very inviting secondary program to liven up the action in all festival locations. The secondary program will be centered on Janáčkovo Riverbank. The boulevard on the street along the Vltava will resemble a marketplace offering substantial, high-quality refreshments. A part of the atmosphere of the street will be the Open Mike Stage for accidental or passing-by musicians to perform. Drawing from the success in the past years, Kampa Island will become a sports center with badminton nets, foosball, parkour obstacle course, etc.

Last year’s edition of the festival received 60,000 visitors. It is our goal to even, or better that number this year.

The mission of United Islands of Prague is unity among the islands where the one-of-a-kind festival area is formed, but primarily among the visitors who have a unique opportunity for a memorable experience of everyone sharing Prague’s downtown.

All islands are admission-free this year. Music performances on the stages commence on Friday afternoon and end on Saturday evening. The plan also includes afterparties until the morning.

More names in the music program, captivating secondary program and other information will be announced shortly.

Come and enjoy the 2015 UNITED ISLANDS OF PRAGUE.

18 – 20 JUNE 2015