Dan Reed Band Sweden

Dan Reed Band and Special Guests – Dan’s 50th Birthday Party

American musician and singer Dan Reed, who fans remember most from the band Dan Reed network, welcomed in Prague as the opening band of the famous Rolling Stones in 1990, returns to Prague’s music stage. After 3 years he produced new album Signal Fire and the launch show will be on a special birthday concert on February 16th in Palac Akropolis. British guest star Georgina Harvey will perform at his concert accompanied by guitarist Justin Lavash and the Prague band Los Dost.

 Dan Reed produced the new solo album Signal Fire partly in Prague, which became his new home in 2010, and partly in his birth town Portland in US state of Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by Peter Mansson and Mats Lindtfors from Sweden. Dan Reed spent 6 weeks in Sweden, specifically on a small island on the West coast, to prepare the album. Surrounding nature and people were always an inspiration for composition for Dan Reed, it was not different this time and the soft Northern nature is reflected in several songs, in the text as well as in the music. The pilot single Signal Fire was played by Dan Reed in his concerts even before the recording of the whole album.

Dan Reed spent a large part of his life travelling, which influenced his entire music and world vision. In the interview for the United Islands website he adds: „A year in India and 3 years in Jerusalem really moulded my music and the reason why i compose and perform. Music is one of the routes which can bring positive energy and illuminate this world full of shadows.“

Dan Reed is a cosmopolitan musician who, during his journeys, collects not only musical inspiration but probably also musicians for his band because each of them lives in a different country. Guitarist and singer Rob Daiker from Portland in Oregon, bassist Bengan Jonasson from Stockholm, Turkisch drummer and percussionist Robert Ikiz and pianist Michael Abubakar from Scotsish Glasgow  form his accompanying band. The concert in Palac Akropolis will be the first for the Czech Republic, in which he will perform with his new band in full number. Guest band Los Dost from Prague will perform on his concert too, as well as British singer Georgina Harvey, accompanied by guitarist Kustin Lavash, famous through his work with Lenka Dusilova.